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Cost-effective wet processes

for MEMS and Semiconductor production.

About M-O-T

Totally, 400+ employees are dedicated to high tech machine building and engineering…

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M-O-T was founded as a supplier of galvanic systems for the use in clean room and process technology sections in semiconductor industries and institutes…

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Components & Chemicals

M-O-T can supply single Process Parts like overflow cells, QDR or SRD…

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Drawing on a 25+ year history in the design and supply of wet chemical processes, M-O-T is a highly experienced, committed partner for commercial and R&D manufacturers.

Our custom-made wet process based solutions help manufacturers to reduce costs even further. The systems are designed is for both, laboratory and high-volume production. The developed process cells are suitable for the manufacture of Ni, Cu, Au, In, NiFe, and other multi layer systems for different applications like TSV, RDL, Pillar, etc.

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