M-O-T was founded as a supplier of galvanic systems for the use in clean room and process technology sections in semiconductor industries and institutes. We offer complete production solutions as well as special designed equipment on request of our customers. Due to our partnership with the University of Applied Science in Zweibruecken we are able to offer also process development.

Our service includes engineering, process development, design, construction, assembly and installation of all kind of wet chemical solutions. We are able to deliver various types of equipment for your clean room applications.

You have the choice between different wet-chemical solutions. Electro plating, etching, cleaning, porous silicon formation, customized chuck solutions, semicon applications and service support for process optimization and start-up. Our modular approach offers you the possibility to include different functionalities to complete solutions.

All of our products are monitored by a quality system addresses to CE, ISO 9001 and WHG § 19 l.

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