Wafer Plating Tool μGALV-W

Wafer Plating Tool

  • Suitable for deposition application in the field of microtechnology and semiconductors including TSV fill, RDL, Pads, Contacts, Pillars, etc.
  • Designed for the use in cleanrooms, the shell is made of Polypropylen (natural)
  • Modular structure, standard: one process cell with one wash cell, extension to build up process lines is possible
  • Additional process cells could be integrated, made of Polypropylen (natural)
  • Different Waferdiameters are processable in one process cell, up to 12″
  • Different process cells like Rack Plater, Cup Plater or Jet Plater are available
  • Electroplating of Au (Pads or Contacts, cyanide or cyanide-free), Ni, Cu (Redistribution Layer RDL, Pillar, TSV fill), Indium, Sn and Sn-alloys (like SnPb, SnAg), NiFe, NiCo, NiW, SnPb
  • Electro less plating of Ni, Cu, Au, NiP, SnPb
  • The electroplating process runs automatically, all process parameters like pH, Temperature, flow rate,… are controlled.
  • Rinsing cell or Quick Dump Rinser
  • Automation for handling single wafers possible, Customized solutions are possible
  • Control of the system by using a Touch Panel