Spin Rinse Dryer μSRD

Spin Rinse Dryer


Material: PP white or Stainless Steel
Door Material: PP white or PVC transparent
Wafer Size: up to 300mm


The MOT SRD suits for all batch applications. The sophisticated MOT μSRD software makes the operation extremely easy by using a Touch Panel; the SRD system offers 10 different built-in process programs according to different wafers. To further simplify operation for the user, a full range of settings can be pre-configured before the MOT μSRD is sent out.

Your benefits

Compliant designed for clean-room environment, easy to be integrated into Wet Bench systems. Easy-to-Use GUI operation that anyone can learn. The operator only need to select the recipe.Economical and Efficient Quick ramp DC-motor integrated; the fully automated system provide excellent reliability.Flexible The MOT μSRD can be programmed to select individually or multiple different types of recipe within a single program; media dispense, rinse and spin events can also be programmed in any order desired.

Customized Rotor Design possible
Resistivity Monitor
Anti Static with N2 purge
DI water recirculation
Extended Parts & Labor Warranty