Wet Bench System μCHEM

  • Designed for the use in clean room environment, the shell is made of polypropylene or stainless steel for solvent applications
  • Suitable for etching application in the field of micro technology and semiconductors
  • Heatable Quartz Tank for clean wafer processing
  • Additional process cells could be integrated, made of PTFE, PVDF, PP,…
  • Circulation and Heating systems
  • fire extinguishing on request
  • fully automatic processfully automatic chemical drain and dosing on request
  • compatible to different wafer size up to 12″, fully automatic handling of the Carriers

Additional components

  • Spin coater, Hot plates, Megasonic cleaning systems…
  • Rinsing cell or Quick Dump Rinser
  • Automation for handling wafer baskets possible
  • Customized solutions are possible

MOT Semicon can help you to design specific workflow concepts offering you flexible high grade wet bench solutions.